Seven For Sunday

Hi. I'm Jon Oropeza, and these are the seven most interesting things I discovered, referenced or dug up this week for my fellow engineering leaders: Engineering Managers, Principal and Distinguished Engineers, VP / Director of Engineering, Startup CTOs and those aspiring to be.

1. Boring UI

Good UX = Boring UI. Don't Be Creative by Nick Rollins.

2. Boring Tech

3. Movement I'm Learning More About

The Center for Humane Technology (formerly known as Time Well Spent)

Introduced to Tristan Harris and his work through the Tim Ferriss podcast. What's really interesting to me is our role as engineering leaders.

Some of the factors of inhumane technology are likely in our direct control: delivering secure applications that don't expose users to risks, for example.

What about those that aren't so much? What about when the products we're working on, whose product features are often designed and decided on by our business partners outside of engineering, are inhuman? Where does our responsibility and our reasonable expectations to influence end? Does a successful career as an engineering leader mean you have to risk getting (and actually get) fired a few times to stand up for what's right? What about when your whole team's jobs might be at stake as well as yours... then what? Etc.

4. Deception

5. Diversity In Investing

Crunchbase's Q3 2019 Diversity Report by Gené Teare and Natasha Mascarenhas.

Jennifer Neundorfer, a founding partner of Jane VC, which invests in women founders, is in the process of raising ten times her initial fund.
But instead of leading her pitch to limited partners (LPs) with a reference to gender, she phrases the investment thesis as follows: "We're going to invest in an underlooked asset class that is overperforming." 
"If it's just about [investing] in more female founders, everyone has a different motivation," Neundorfer said. "We don't want this to be seen as a nonprofit charity; that's not what it is." 

6. Who Pays For Open Source?

Recap of the `funding` experiment by Feross Aboukhadijeh

7. Product I'm Interested In Learning More About


Not something I'm looking to implement, but I am interested in the idea and in the implications on Inclusion. Does a system like bonusly create a culture where 'being liked' is more important than doing good work? And if so, how do prevent entrenchment into cliques that game the system?