Seven For Sunday

Hi. I'm Jon Oropeza, and these are the seven most interesting things I discovered, referenced or dug up this week for my fellow engineering leaders: Engineering Managers, Principal and Distinguished Engineers, VP / Director of Engineering, Startup CTOs and those aspiring to be.

1. Advocating For Emphasis

Nobody cares about quality by Will Larson

In a larger org, where decisions are often made several levels above us and communicated with varying amounts of why, it's easy to start feeling like you're being told about rather than included in decisions. This can lead to feelings of absoluteisms, as Will puts it, "Nobody cares about IMPORTANT_PRIORITY."

As a leader, if you're feeling this way? Your people almost certainly are as well.

The post provides both a warning against these types of absolute-based feelings, as well a framework for "advocating for emphasis".

2. Software Eating The World

Will Robots Make the Next Big Bestsellers? by Jason Boog

3. The Maths Of Large Teams

Why Jeff Bezos' Two-Pizza Team Rule Still Holds True by Janet Choi

Sorry about the ridiculous full-length photo of Bezos. The rest of the article is killer. And top of mind for me as I've taken over a pair of squads recently who have at least 20 and up to 35 people working in their spaces.

A small business of 50 people has an incredible 1,225 links to manage. 

4. Squishy Tissue, Part 1

5 reasons to use Golang by Carlos Galarza

5. Squishy Tissue, Part 2

An Introduction to NGINX for Developers by Stefanos Vardalos

Part of the connective tissue of modern distributed systems.

6. I Need This

Google Chrome is Getting the 'Close other tabs' Option Back by Lawrence Adams

7. Visualization Tools