Seven For Sunday

Hi. I'm Jon Oropeza, and these are the seven most interesting things I discovered, referenced or dug up this week for my fellow engineering leaders: Engineering Managers, Principal and Distinguished Engineers, VP / Director of Engineering, Startup CTOs and those aspiring to be.

1. Learning From Experience

So You're An Engineering Manager, Now What by Brian Nordli (Built In)

2. Do Managers Need To Be Technical?

Do engineering managers need to be technical? by Will Larson

This post became my theme of the week. I interviewed one of our ICs this week who's going for an engineering manager role. I was thinking about how he might retain his technical skills, I started thinking about my own technical skills, and as is often the case, it happened that Will Larson was just writing about the same subject...

3. Staying Technical: Reviewing Code

Why Review Code by Sophie Alpert

4. Staying Technical: Hackathons

How to win at hackathons by David Carboni

Another way to stay technical: Enter hackathons.

5. Staying Technical: Code Exercises

Advent of Code by Eric Wastl

6. Staying Technical: Books

5 Great Programming Books Rarely Mentioned in "Great Programming Books" Articles by Erik Whiting

7. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

Syntax highlighting is backwards by Ben Kuhn.

Via Hacker News.