Seven For Sunday

Hi. I'm Jon Oropeza, and these are the seven most interesting things I discovered, referenced or dug up this week for my fellow engineering leaders: Engineering Managers, Principal and Distinguished Engineers, VP / Director of Engineering, Startup CTOs and those aspiring to be.

1. Good Thread On Microservices

2. Interesting Tech Concept

Why Now Is The Time to Be a Maker in Generative Media by Tyler Lastovich

3. Getting Your People Interested In A Core Concept

How do I get my team into observability by Charity Majors

I've been spending time thinking about a post I shared a few weeks ago, describing the three patternistic actions of a manager:

  • Information Gathering
  • Nudging
  • Decision Making

Importantly, none of which are telling people what to do. Getting people interested in something, OTOH, is - having decided that something is important - then squarely in the category of nudging.

4. Thoughts On Hiring Mandates

D&I Hiring Mandates by Jason Wong

5. Discoveries In The 10s

National Geographic's Top 20 scientific discoveries of the decade

A little more abstract than I usually post, nonetheless I found it a fascinating list and wanted to share. Warning: a bit of popup hell to get through.

6. Meditations On Data

The Selfish Dataome from

Another post that's outside of the the scope of what I usually share here, but is also too good not to share.

Today, by some accounts, our species generates about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. 

7. Need Ideas For What To Explore?