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Seven For Sunday - November 17, 2019 - Engineering management, going to prod, the history of the interview.

1. Responsibilities and Rights

A Manager's Bill Of Responsibilities (And Rights) by Charity Majors

2. Another One


Oh go on, read Charity's previous post as well. This one especially resonates with me, as I've prioritized in 2019 talking about and spreading the wisdom of Accelerate around my office.

3. Thoughts on Preparing For A Career In Tech

Don't Teach Your Kid to Code. Teach Them to Communicate by Greg Satell

My hot take would be, why not do both? Nonetheless I appreciate the callout that while there's a focus on learning tech skills, it's actually the big bucket of skills often referred to as 'soft' that determine a lot our success.

Seven For Sunday - November 10, 2019 - Bias in AI, developer happiness, and the government does something good for a change.

1. You should read this tweet thread

First tweet of a long thread on Apple Card's credit algo:

2. On Writing Well

How to write the perfect sentence by Joe Moran (The Guardian)

I'm amazed at how much we write. We write to persuade, we write to organize our thoughts. Lately I've been trying to read or watch one thing a week about writing well.

3. Rare Good News From The US Government

The NASA women who inspired 'Hidden Figures' will get Congressional gold medals from CNN

Seven For Sunday - November 3, 2019 - Changemaking at the office, AI fiction and the maths of large teams.

1. Advocating For Emphasis

Nobody cares about quality by Will Larson

In a larger org, where decisions are often made several levels above us and communicated with varying amounts of why, it's easy to start feeling like you're being told about rather than included in decisions. This can lead to feelings of absoluteisms, as Will puts it, "Nobody cares about IMPORTANT_PRIORITY."

As a leader, if you're feeling this way? Your people almost certainly are as well.

The post provides both a warning against these types of absolute-based feelings, as well a framework for "advocating for emphasis".

2. Software Eating The World

Will Robots Make the Next Big Bestsellers? by Jason Boog

3. The Maths Of Large Teams

Why Jeff Bezos' Two-Pizza Team Rule Still Holds True by Janet Choi

Sorry about the ridiculous full-length photo of Bezos. The rest of the article is killer. And top of mind for me as I've taken over a pair of squads recently who have at least 20 and up to 35 people working in their spaces.

A small business of 50 people has an incredible 1,225 links to manage.